Global Health

Crisis Coordination Center

A collaborative effort to combat COVID-19

Enterprise Capabilities, Emerging Technologies and Public Health Expertise.


04-06-12 Staff Headshots
Coach Nick Saban
Photo by Kent Gidley

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Measurable Impact

The Global Health Crisis Coordination Center (GHC3) is a non-profit organization, tasked by the CDC Foundation, to identify, prioritize and coordinate diverse private sector assets, innovations, ideas, technologies and capabilities to:

  1. Meet requests of public health agencies like the CDC to help them solve, through private sector collaboration, specific high priority challenges in their response to COVID-19
  2. Augment the national response to COVID-19 through private sector solutions addressing significant issues that are not currently being directly addressed by public health agencies

Working Together

We leverage the world’s best minds in healthcare, emergency response, business and technology to bring order to chaos and save lives.

Improve resource coordination

Increase information sharing

Enhance emergency preparedness & training

Coordinate preparedness planning

Share best practices

Ways to help