Solving Inequities

We’re committed to solving the health and societal inequities that have been magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic

Across America, at-risk and underserved populations are suffering higher infection rates, hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19. At the GHC3, we’re bringing together the best minds in healthcare, emergency response, business and technology to find solutions.

Programs we’ve initiated to address inequities caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

Back 2 School

We’re implementing the latest CDC guidelines during a pilot program at KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools. A national rollout is planned.

Back 2 Worship

We’re working with faith and religious leaders who serve minority populations to create best practices for worshipping safely.

Back 2 Work

We’re spearheading collaborative efforts to restart the economy by gathering employer data, researching best practices, and delivering comprehensive guidance.

Testing Alliance

We’ve brought together various NGOs that target underserved populations to identify obstacles to COVID-19 testing.

Vaccine Distribution

We’re working to ensure equitable vaccine distribution through communication and community engagement.

Mental Health

We’re working with private and philanthropic organizations to address the mental health crisis in underserved populations.

Our partner coalition is making an impact.

The synchronous effects of the pandemic have uncovered the depth of inequities among minority and rural populations. The longstanding adversities are displayed through variances in health, education, civic and economic participation and are  a detriment to our local and global economies. With a vision for eliminating inequities, GHC3 and PTEC have partnered to implement innovative measures of technology, health indexes, and related data to inform solutions to charter an equitable future.

To shine a light on inequities caused by COVID-19, researches at Emory University have developed a COVID-19 Health Equity Dashboard
To better understand the impact of COVID-19, APM Research Labs is tracking deaths by race and ethnicity