National Faith Leaders, Atlanta Nonprofit Release COVID-19 Vaccine Playbooks in Fight for Vaccine Equity


National Faith Leaders, Atlanta Nonprofit Release COVID-19 Vaccine Playbooks in Fight for Vaccine Equity

GHC3’s Worship Action Coalition Playbooks provide faith leaders with actionable steps for achieving vaccine equity in their communities


ATLANTA – Global Health Crisis Coordination Center (GHC3) announces the release of the Worship Action Coalition Playbooks aimed at providing faith leaders with actionable steps toward achieving COVID-19 vaccine equity in their communities. The playbooks cover three core areas of interest for the faith community:

  1. Developing Vaccine Messaging Programs,
  2. Facilitating COVID Vaccine Access, and
  3. Setting up Your House of Worship as an Immunization Site


The guides were created with the counsel of the Worship Action Coalition, a GHC3 initiative that brings together a diverse group of faith leaders from across North America and connects them with nonprofits, faith-based organizations, public health experts, governmental agencies, and corporate partners to foster a collaborative and actionable dialogue. In the creation of these playbooks, the Worship Action Coalition paid special attention to the input from coalition members representing congregations at disproportionate risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes.

Of the newly released playbooks Monte Wilson, CEO/President, CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini Health System said, “We are excited to share these detailed resource guides with our network of faith leaders to provide guides to engage their congregations by messaging, forming committees and/ or setting up their House of Worship as an Immunization Site as we all work together to build confidence in COVID-19 immunizations and end this pandemic.”

“The WAC Playbooks provide step-by-step guidance as well as numerous links to tangible resources for faith leaders to engage their congregations in building vaccine confidence.” said Stephanie Adams, PhD, Interim Executive Director, GHC3. “This guidance is particularly critical in view of the need to continue to reach underserved communities, which are often under-vaccinated. Faith leaders are trusted members of their community and thus critical to continued efforts to engage vaccine hesitant communities.”

As we close out this National Month of Action initiated by the White House, GHC3 and the Worship Action Coalition look forward to continuing the immunization effort beyond President Biden’s July 4th target. The public health-oriented nonprofit will continue to work with under-vaccinated, Black and Brown, rural, and immigrant communities throughout the following months to immunize vulnerable populations against COVID-19.

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About GHC3

The Global Health Crisis Coordination Center, a division of the Center for Global Health Innovation, serves as a coordinating hub to share information and mobilize resources to support public health response to global health crises. Its mission is to bring together solutions from the public sector, the private sector and philanthropic organizations to address health issues for people everywhere, especially those in at-risk and underserved communities.

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