Episode 7

(published 1/27/2021) 

Global Investments, Domestic Dividends

Dr. Rebecca Martin, Director of CDC’s Center for Global Health (CGH), joins this episode to discuss their recently published Outbreaks Report and the important work CGH is doing around the world. She highlights several of the Center’s programs, including the Field Epidemiology Training Program which has taught over 18,000 Disease Detectives to lead prevention, detection and response in more than 90 countries. Now the most experienced of those countries have begun to mentor others through crises.

Dr. Martin goes on to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on the Center’s programs, especially critical initiatives like measles and polio vaccination. She describes the Center’s mission as “working globally to domestically.” The symbiotic nature of that mission has become increasingly apparent during this pandemic, as the lessons learned abroad are now helping to inform the response to COVID-19 at home.



  • 03:39 —The Center for Global Health’s history, mission and 10-year anniversary successes.
  • 06:46 — Disease detectives: over 18,000 health professionals in 90 countries trained to lead prevention, detection and response.
  • 11:49 — How CGH programs have adapted and innovated in the face of COVID-19.
  • 18:15 — The impact of suspending programs due to COVID-19. The collateral damage from program suspension could have been greater than the virus itself.
  • 22:37 — What the next ten years holds for the Center for Global Health.
  • 24:51 — Three key examples of how investing in public health overseas has taught the U.S. valuable lessons that can be implemented at home.
  • 31:40 — Partnerships are key. This work cannot be completed alone.
  • 38:04 — Has the pandemic taught us to value equity?
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