Episode 4

(published 12/11/2020) 

Come together: Community, COVID and the vaccine

“I think healthcare is a right; everyone should have options”


In this episode of GHC3 Talks, Kathy McNamara, Associate Vice President of Clinical Affairs for the National Association of Community Health Centers joins our hosts Dr. Rob Breiman (Spike) and Ken Berta (Surge) on the podcast.


They talk about how the community health centers have responded to the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the burnout faced by dedicated staff who have been on the frontline since March.


In discussing the preparations needed to distribute a vaccine, Kathy highlights the importance of moving from macro to micro planning at the community level and the critical need for tailored messaging to be delivered by trusted members of the community.

Special Guests



  • 03:57 — COVID-19 did not change the needs of patients, but the care delivery models had to.
  • 06:27 — Concerned about serving communities but also about taking care of the compassionate care chain who has been on the front line since March
  • 07:11 — Trust is key and health centers have been building relationships with families over several generations.
  • 11:42 — They have seen a lot of macro planning, but the focus needs to turn to micro planning at the community level.
  • 16:26 — Communication is key, and it needs to be tailored to the audience and be delivered by trusted sources
  • 19:52 — Some of these communities are more worried about their own socioeconomic issues than they are COVID and vaccination.
  • 28:50 — Introducing GHC3’s Priority-based use of Allocated Vaccines Estimator (PAVE). A tool intended to aid health professionals with immunization program planning and vaccine distribution.
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