Episode 2

(published 11/19/2020) 

DO You Hear What I Hear? Give the Messenger a Shot

In this episode of GHC3 Talks, Dr. Rob Breiman and Ken Berta are joined by Dr. Dan Salmon of John Hopkins University School of Public Health. In the wake of recent vaccine press releases, they discuss how to build trust in the COVID-19 vaccines, why that is important, and the crucial role that messaging will play.

“It’s much easier to help form views through information and knowledge and science than it is to change them once they’re existing. So we need to be a part of teaching people, educating people and creating the mindset.”

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  • 02:14 — Vaccines are a victim of their own success.
  • 04:18 — Vaccine acceptance will move at the speed of trust.
  • 13:55 — Educating amidst a world of misinformation is a challenge, so messaging is key.
  • 14:41 — People’s trust in the vaccines is just as important as the vaccines’ effectiveness.
  • 19:03 — Thorough regulatory review is critical to the safety, acceptance and trust in these vaccines.
  • 22:45 — Vulnerable populations who need the vaccine may be reluctant to be first in line due to historic mistreatment and exploitation.
  • 25:25 — Mass vaccination programs are in danger of being undermined by safety scares.
  • 28:10 — Studies need to be credible, but more importantly believed by the public.
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