Episode 13

(Published on 01/05/2022)

through the looking glass: the bidirectional benefits of investing in global health

“It’s a lesson from Bangladesh and research in global health that’s helped almost every American family. I learned we can learn a lot from developing countries.”


Public health security requires a global approach. It’s a fact currently underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic, but one that Dr. Roger Glass, Global Health Expert and Director of the Fogarty Center at NIH has known for some time. In this episode, he talks with our hosts, Dr. Rob Breiman and Ken Berta, about the bidirectional benefits of investing in global health, the role the private sector can play, and the mission and achievements of the Fogarty Center.


For more on global health work listen to our podcast with Dr. Rebecca Martin, “Global Investments, Domestic Dividends.”

Special Guest


  • 02:10 — Lessons for the developed world from the developing world.

  • 06:00 — Fogarty invests in people and global health security.

  • 09:30 — How AIDs prepared us to tackle COVID-19.

  • 12:00 — Private sector’s key role in global health.

  • 18:30 — Scoping a research agenda to tackle climate change.

  • 23:06 — Medicine is only good for you if you take it.

  • 32:15 — A physician’s dream tool.

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