Episode 11

(Published on 09/20/2021)

Consequences beyond COVID-19

Spike and Surge are back!

After an extended summer break filled with new adventures for them both, they return to the show to share their news.

Joined by old friend and CHRISTUS St. Francis Cabrini Hospital CEO and president, Monte Wilson, they discuss the unintended consequences of COVID-19 for healthcare and what the future could hold.

Special Guest



  • 02:30 — The return of travel and the beginning of a long-postponed research project in Uganda to detect emerging zoonotic diseases and enhanced prevention and control.

  • 07:15 — A new job for Surge in Healthcare and Life Sciences technology.

  • 11:05 — No reason to be wary: collection of healthcare data is well protected and could lead to precision, personalized medicine.

  • 17:34 — Monte Wilson of CHRISTUS Health discusses the challenges COVID-19 and climate change have brought to Louisiana healthcare systems.

  • 19:56 — Consequences beyond COVID-19: Few ICU beds, nursing staff shortages and low vaccination rates have had lethal impacts for patients with diseases other than COVID-19.

  • 25:00 — Why are vaccination rates in Louisiana so low? A deadly mix of fear, suspicion, politics and religion.

  • 33:32 — Finding creative approaches, including technology, to address the shortage of nursing staff – a problem exacerbated not assisted by staffing agencies.

  • 39:15 — Success through telehealth and virtual care, but how do we retain the most important and human elements of care?

  • 42:26 — Collaboration is a differentiator.

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