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CDC Study Finds Kids of All Ages May Play Key Role in Virus Transmission Amid Push to Reopen Schools

The highest percentage of children who tested positive at a sleepaway camp in Georgia were also the youngest. Click here to view article

Trump Promoted a Coronavirus Conspiracy Video: Health Experts Say it’s Bunk

Medical experts say blatantly false claims in coronavirus conspiracy video Trump retweeted are … blatantly false

Thriving Life Sciences Sector Demands Strategic Real Estate

Today, the world views biotechnology, drug discovery, pharmaceuticals, health data management, medical devices, and biomedical technologies through a very different lens than it did in the past.

CDC warns many young adults with COVID-19 report severe long-term side effects

As cases among young people rise, the CDC draws attention to misconceptions about COVID-19’s lasting side effects

We Asked Experts to Respond to the Most Common COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation

Researchers and professors comment on the origin of pandemic misinformation, and how to debunk such claims

Kevin Heath, EVP with OMNIA Partners Invited to Join GHC3 Partner Coalition Council

OMNIA Partners is pleased to announce that Kevin Heath, Executive Vice President has been invited to join the Global Health Crisis Coordination Center (GHC3) Partner Coalition Council.

The Long, Ignoble History of Presidents Snubbing Medical Advice

Trump isn’t the first president to recklessly endanger his health — but putting others at risk, too, sets him apart

COVID-19 Linked to Strokes and Psychosis: Study

A small number of patients are experiencing psychological and neurological side effects after COVID-19

Anthony Fauci warns that anti-vaxxers could hinder fight against the coronavirus

Fauci, other medical experts say refusal to vaccinate will prevent herd immunity needed to end pandemic

A new coronavirus mutation affects the spike protein that invades human cells

A new mutation of the coronavirus has tiny genetic change — here’s what scientists think it means