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Why scientists are optimistic about a new COVID-19 drug (that’s not hydroxychloroquine)

Experts who spoke to Salon say that a new report about a coronavirus drug, dexamethasone, could be a hopeful sign

Human trials for a coronavirus vaccine are starting in late July

Pharma giant Johnson & Johnson is accelerating the vaccine development process

Fauci distances himself from Trump over the World Health Organization

Anthony Fauci’s disagreement with the president over the WHO is likely to irk the infamously thin-skinned president

Covid-19 case dies of heart disease in Singapore, but not included in official death tally

There are 10 such individuals who have tested positive for Covid-19 but are listed as having died from other causes

In Praise of Lesser-Sung Life Sciences Clusters

Across the country—not just in Boston and San Francisco—work on cell and gene therapies, coronavirus vaccines and drugs, and other boons continues apace

Study finds only half of Americans would get coronavirus vaccine, far below herd immunity levels

Scientists believe roughly 70 percent of the population would need vaccination to achieve herd immunity

Local leaders boldly say Atlanta is THE center for global health

In Atlanta, we’re used to making bold claims – some true, and some, not so much.

Long after the virus is gone, the trauma from quarantine will linger

The pandemic is forcing billions into isolation — and that will have long-term repercussions for human civilization

Does Marketing Matter?

I keep think about this recent headline—“Peloton hits breaks on marketing as at-home fitness sells itself”—from MarketingDive.

Coronavirus is a Blood Vessel Disease Study Says and it’s Mysteries Finally Make Sense

“Covid Toe,” pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome, and other odd manifestations are finally tied together